Glass Water Bottle Koozie

Glass Water Bottle Koozie

So before I started on the Gerson Therapy, I was drinking tons of water all day long to filter out my body. I carried around a large Voss glass water bottle, because I found that to be the best option out there. The large Voss bottles are large enough to hold a pretty decent amount of water, and glass was a must. There are many brands of water bottles at stores like Target for $12-$18, but at $3 a bottle for the Voss, it was definitely worth it to buy a bottle with the water already in it! It was also nice to be able to flavor the water with lemon and essential oils for a tasty treat.

I started carrying my water in a holder that I made– a little for protection, but mostly because it made it easier to hold. Where ever I went, it always received positives comments. I just can’t believe how many people are still using plastic water bottles, when it’s so easy to bring your own, and were surprised to see that I had a large glass bottle.

I have put the bottle holders up on Etsy for anyone interested in having one.