The author is a newly conformed health nut in her mid 20s. This blog relays the journey into her new mindset and healthy life.

A little about me:

Welcome! This past year, I have completely changed my mindset about health and purpose in this world, while trying to find health solutions.

Not only did I cut processed foods, I only eat organic, and urge others to do the same! The first organic item I tried was an apple a few years ago, and after biting into it, I knew there was something to it. That apple was so much more crisp and flavorful than others I had eaten in the past years before. Recently, I have noticed what a huge difference organic spices, garlic, and onions make. They are so much more pungent, like spices should be! I haven’t had onions sting my eyes that bad in a long time, and I’m happy about it. It’s an onion, after all.

I have moved to an all-organic diet, and am very happy to cut the excess pesticides, and start eating “live” food. I heard once, “Live food for a live body,” and have been living like that since.



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